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The AI House connects industry leaders, tech founders, research, companies, investors and policy makers to discuss the impact of AI on the world.

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All eyes on AI

AI is the defining technology of our generation. We have only just experienced the first examples of what this technology can enable. It holds the potential to alter the way we work, interact and live in profound ways. It can expand human possibilities and open up entirely new trajectories. As we develop ever more powerful tools, what is science and what is science fiction, utopia, dystopia? What are the compelling visions for our shared humanity we are hoping to realize with the help of AI? AI holds the potential to augment human potential – in what direction do we want to leverage this tool? How can we move from conversations into action to jointly drive AI development in a direction that serves humanity?

In the mountain village of Davos in neutral Switzerland, five initiators are coming together to launch AI House Davos as a multi-stakeholder platform for responsible AI progress during the World Economic Forum 2024. The house is both a physical building and a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, joint agenda setting and action. Over the course of the week, we set out to explore some of the most fascinating, pressing and serious questions around AI to jointly help shape the technology that will in turn shape our future.

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Approaching AI from all angles

Monday - State of AI
Where do we stand on AI development, what have we learned over the past several years? What are some of the drivers behind the development and what patterns have emerged? How do different interests balance, and what does it mean for where, how and for whom AI is developed? Where do we want to see a shift?

Tuesday - AI Opportunities & Risks
How can AI contribute to solving some of the biggest challenges that we as humanity will face in the next century, like climate change and loss of biodiversity? How do we find the right level of regulation for the technology – safeguarding our value system, preventing abuse, creating a level playing field with clearly defined rules, while avoiding stifling innovation or erecting prohibitive barriers for smaller entities. What could global, regional or local AI governance look like, what institutions play what role and how can we use hard law, certifications and audits?

Wednesday - AI Applications
What are the most promising applications for AI across industries? How is AI transforming the way we learn, work and produce and what does that mean for society as a whole? How can AI push the frontiers for humans in areas like fertility, personalized medicine and longevity? Should we channel AI innovation into desirable industries and applications and keep it away from others? Who decides and based on what criteria?

Thursday - The Next Frontier
How does AI shake up some of the existing structures in the business landscape, create new ecosystems and alter business dynamics? What’s the role of startups, corporates, academia and investors to push innovation and drive progress? What are some ways for corporates to fruitfully collaborate with AI startups? How can investors catalyze innovation and how can we balance short-term and long-term gains or factor in non-quantifiable values like human wellbeing into our calculations?

Friday - Review & Outlook
What do we expect and wish to see in AI development in the next years? There are forks in the road in terms of transparency,  where will we head? What will be the impact of AI on human connection and purpose?

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